Repeat Prescriptions

If you take certain medicines on a regular basis, your doctor may authorise you to obtain repeat prescriptions from the surgery.  Your prescriptions will come with a counterfoil, the "prescription request form" which lists the names and doses of your medicines and your next review date.  Please tick off those medicines which you require and place the form in the box in the lobby.  Your prescription will then be ready for you in two full working days (48 hours) if there are any queries or amendments that require attention.   

We do not class Saturday or Sunday as a working day.

If you post the repeat prescription form with a stamped addressed envelope, the prescription will be posted back to you.  Repeat prescriptions will generally be provided for up to one year before you are asked to see your doctor to re-authorise further supplies.  Please make an appointment in good time so that you can be reviewed by your usual doctor.   

We DO NOT accept prescription requests via the telephone as this method is prone to error and misinterpretation and is therefore dangerous.

Online Prescription Ordering

We are able to offer online prescription ordering via a secure website in conjuction with the secure practice EMIS software. 

If you are interested in ordering your repeat prescription online, please contact reception and obtain a registration form. 

You will need to bring the completed form, with photographic ID and proof of address IN PERSON (unless for a child under 16, where the proof of ID and address should be from the parent or legal guardian). 

Following checking you will be issued with an ACCESS PIN code which you can then use with the link below to register for access to prescription ordering.

Click here to register for online prescription ordering

You will still need to order your prescription with 48 hours notice. This is because the doctor needs to check and sign each prescription before it can be issued, and is for your safety. 

Phone ordering of prescriptions is to be discontinued. This is because prescription requests that are not in writing or via the online system have too many opportunities for error. 

This will also free up the telephone lines for urgent problems, to get appointments and for other issues.